XII The Hanged Man (upright)

The Hanged Man is on the path to deeper self-knowledge. He knows life's changes are based on insight, sacrifice, and enlightenment, but he may at times be worn out by setbacks and feelings of being trapped and defenseless. It is time to change, but pause. Something important may have been overlooked; meditate on it. This may not be the right time to struggle. Things are in suspense. You are between stages in life and are ready to face what awaits you. Be patient and willing to give up what you have in order to grow or benefit in an important way. You have grown sure of yourself and can overcome the challenges. Be willing to put yourself to the test. With your experience and deep faith you need have no fear about the eventual outcome but are fulfilling another step on the road to your destiny.

Reading Tip

The meanings of the cards should not be taken literally. By looking at the cards from the point of view that they signify forces at work in our life - some current, some just passing away, and some about to enter our life, we can gain more clarity in understanding a situation, increase our awareness, and keep matters in perspective.

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