XIV Temperance (upright)

Temperance signifies moderation, balance, composure, and health, being in harmony with oneself and one's surroundings. You know yourself well and are in control. Let your action be guided by high intuition. Choose what's best for you but also live a more fulfilling life in company with others, balancing your wants and needs, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, drawing what you need for yourself and sharing from yourself what they need. Accept any limitations not as a sacrifice but a mixing together of what's right for you. Make plans allowing for accommodation, flexibility, and change along the way. Draw from all life has to offer.

Reading Tip

The meanings of the cards should not be taken literally. By looking at the cards from the point of view that they signify forces at work in our life - some current, some just passing away, and some about to enter our life, we can gain more clarity in understanding a situation, increase our awareness, and keep matters in perspective.

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